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Caring for your pet's after hours needs

Urgent Paws is a family owned after hours clinic specializing in immediate medical care.

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Welcome To Urgent Paws Vet Clinic!

At Urgent Paws, we're here to care for your pets when others can't. 
It's our mission to offer quick, quality, and compassionate care for every pet. 

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Do you have an urgent concern about your pet's health that can't wait until your vet's office is open? You can rely on Urgent Paws Vet Clinic.

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We are an Urgent Care Veterinary Clinic

Types of pets we care for: Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, small mammals and pocket pets.
Common situations we handle: Bad breath, bites & stings, coughing, diarrhea or vomiting, drinking too much / not drinking or eating, eye issues, fracture assessment, hiding or whining, ingesting poison or objects, limping, minor wounds & cuts, parasites, skin bumps, rashes, and abscesses, urinary tract problems (frequency, straining or blood), vaccine reactions.

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